Frequently Asked Questions

Why Buy from Canteiro?
The Canteiro is a company engaged in the construction of buildings for construction sites since 1985, in own plan, with labor in a constant process of specialization and in order to meet the needs of customers, seeking always:
Speed: fast assembly, face to scarce schedules.
Reliability: meet delivery dates.
Quality:offer products within quality standards, durability, comfort, aesthetics and safety. No waste and rework.
Flexibility: produce buildings exactly as the customer needs.
Low cost: competitive prices compared to the benefits of the product.

What needs to be done for Canteiro budget a building?
Canteiro requests an outline of the desired building, which can be sent by e-mail and site information for freight calculation. From there, Canteiro reconcile their modular panels with the draft sent and mounts a technical and commercial proposal for customer evaluation.

If the customer does not have the draft, he may consult one of 60 projects offered on this site for guidance.

How the price of a building is calculated?
Canteiro has developed a computer program that quantifies all the materials and labor involved in the supply and assembly of each building. Therefore, we need a project to clearly define the quantitative and also, the construction site to determine freight and possible costs.

Canteiro does not provide cost per square meter without these settings.

What does it take to deliver to Canteiro start work?
Canteiro performs the work from the foundation and floors to the delivery of the keys.
But you need: A point of light, a water point, clear and leveled ground and earth to compression of the box formed by the foundations.

Canteiro rents and sells?
Canteiro only sells.

How is the construction system from Canteiro?
The system starts from composition of wood paneling and ready scissors truss, forming a set of riding. The panels can be different.
We recommend seeing both constructive patterns: Standard and Canteiro, on this site.

Canteiro operates throughout Brazil?
Yes. Canteiro operates throughout the country and abroad.

Canteiro has representatives?
No. Canteiro serves only through his office.

The system is mountable and Rebuildable?
Yes. The whole building system is designed to be quickly executed, disassembled and reassembled whenever necessary.

What is the main benefit of using treated wood autoclave system?
Durability. This process provides high durability wood, increasing by more than 10 times its useful life.

Why wood?

Resource 100% short-cycle renewable (from cultivation to harvesting).

Raw material comes from the cleanest factory in the world.

Removes and retains atmospheric carbon dioxide minimizing the greenhouse effect.

Reforestation material decreases the pressure on native forests.

Production requires little energy, unlike concrete and metals that consumes a lot of energy and still rely on exhaustible resources.

Modern and environmentally friendly, it helps preserve the planet.

Quality and legality assurance