The construction site is the set of "areas for the implementation and support of the work of the construction industry, dividing into operational areas and living areas" (NBR - 12284)

It is the place that gives the production of construction works and as such, requires prior and detailed analysis of its implementation in light of the concepts of quality, productivity and safety.

1 - The site is the business card of you work, so it's worth designing it in accordance with the image of your company. It is the relationship square between the neighborhood , customers, suppliers and employees.

2 - Design building always in accordance with the standards, aiming structural stability, environmental comfort and safety.

3 - Deploy the site to remain in place as long as possible, because demobilization during construction cause many disorders.

4 - Find a location that does not interfere with the horizontal and vertical movements of equipment and personnel and at the same time ensure you control the work and ease of access for staff and visitors.

5 - Whenever possible take into account the insulation and ventilation to contribute to the comfort of users.

6 - When planning support buildings, establish a program of needs, with clear definitions of rooms size, location and streams. If possible, design the furniture to avoid over- or under-space.

7 - When planning the toilets, consider 01 shower for each group of 10 employees and a set of sink, toilet and urinal for every group of 20 workers.

8 - The accommodation shall have a minimum ceiling height of 3,00m. It is forbidden to install them in basements and cellars.

9 - In the cafeteria, calculate about one square meter per employee in the dining venue. The dining room may not be located in basements or cellars, or have direct communication with health facilities. The minimum ceiling height is 3.00 m

10 - To calculate the assembly time of its construction multiply the area by 4, you will have the amount of hours needed for execution.